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15 Nov Andrés Cepeda Nominated for Latin Grammy

Andrés Cepeda’s album “Mil Ciudades” (Sony Music Colombia) has been nominated for Album of the Year for the forthcoming 17th Latin Grammy Awards. Thom Russo is nominated for his work mixing on the album....

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25 Apr Los Hollywood

San Diego's Latin pop/rock outfit "Los Hollywood" is gearing up for a big year - after 10 years, the band is set to release their new self-titled EP this August through Afonico Music with distribution through Sony Latin....

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25 Nov Maná Wins Latin Grammy

Maná's "Cama Incendiada" (Warner Music Mexico) wins Best Pop/Rock Album of 2015. The album was recorded and mixed by Thom Russo. This is Russo's 13th Latin Grammy Award to date....

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