About Thom

Early in his career, Thom Russo experienced sessions with some of the giants in pop and R&B – Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Cher, Babyface and Prince. He quickly started a progression into what would be a career stamped with deep diversity, musically and culturally. While beginning to frequently remix, In 1997 he worked on his first Grammy-winning track, Eric Clapton’s “Change the World,” which won for both Record and Song of the Year. Johnny Cash’s “Man Comes Around” also snagged a Grammy nomination for Thom in later years, while his work with Latin rock superstar Juanes has secured him an astounding 12 Grammy awards to date, from Latin and Anglo Grammy’s combined.


Marking the beginning of a long string of Latin rock hits, Thom has continued to work with powerhouse artists all over the latin world, including as Mana ( mexico ), Alejandro Sanz (Spain), Aterciopelados ( Columbia), indie critic favs KINKY ( mexico), and cutting edge newcomers like the Spanish flamenco-hardcore artist, Huecco. In 2008, he produced the violin virtuoso Lili Haydn’s most recent record, a project bridging the gap between classical and rock, and bringing in yet another genre.


Recently, he completed the sophomore release for the Mexican / anglo superstars Jesse and Joy, who took best new artist Grammy in 2007. The record, “Electricidad”, peaked at #3 on the national Billboard charts and first single reached #4.


These days you can never tell where Thom might leave his mark: on a rock supergroup (Audioslave), on a soundtrack for the a hollywood blockbuster ( “Spider-Man”) or on a bona fide pop music / culture phenomenon (Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”).

Grammy Award Wins:


  • 2011  Best Latin Pop Album | Maná – Drama y Luz
  • 2007 Best Album  | Alejandro Sanz – Tren de los Momentos
  • 2006 Best Latin Pop Album | Maná – Amar es Combatir


  • 2015  Best Pop/Rock Album | Maná – Cama Incendiada
  • 2011  Best Rock Album | Maná – Drama y Luz
  • 2011  Best Engineered Album (non-classical) | Maná – Drama y Luz
  • 2010  Best Engineered Album (non-classical) |  Diego Torres – Distinto
  • 2008 Best Pop Vocal Album (Male) | Juanes – La vida es Un Ratico
  • 2008 Record of Year | Juanes – Me Enamora
  • 2008 Album of Year | Juanes – La vida es Un Ratico
  • 2007  Best Alternative Album | Aterciopelados – Oye
  • 2005  Best Rock vocal Album |  Juanes – Mi Sangre
  • 2003  Best Rock Solo vocal album | Juanes – Un Dia Normal
  • 2003  Record of Year |  Juanes – Es por ti
  • 2003  Album of the Year |  Juanes –  Un Dia Normal
  • 2001  Best Rock Solo Album |  Juanes –   Fijate Bien